The Gladiator Challenge is not only about the challenges, but also about the fun. This is why the Gladiator Challenge is beyond a simple a teambuilding session. It’s the ultimate festival of corporate team physical activity that knows no equal.

Our corporate team building programs use obstacles as a way to coach and inspire positive leadership approaches. Our unique activities will push your team to embrace the concept of healthy living, cooperation, team work and leadership to solve the missions.


The Gladiator Challenge works around your needs. The Team will adapt to any circumstance, from skills level to dates and locations to provide your employees the most unique and exciting team building session out there!

We will give the chance for both males and females of all levels of skill and physical capacities, particularly those who are not athletically talented, to develop the Company Team and put it to test at the Gladiator Challenge!

We understand some employees may not feel as competitive, that’s also fine. Our concept can be adapted to single corporate family / fun days.



TGC provides great opportunities for your team members to gain

Endless benefits:
+ Building interdependence and trust
+ Eliminating stereotypes and “labeling”
+ Improving communication
+ Conveying and sharing a common vision across teams
+ Direction setting
+ Share understanding
+ Building relationships across technical specialists in different teams
+ New teams. Creating, forming and acquiring new teams
+ Improve teamwork skills such as communication, leadership, motivation, coordination, vision, ideas, problem solving and system thinking.


Long term individual development
+ Appreciating exercise
+ Embracing outdoor activities
+ Developing healthy habits
+ Creating cohesive teams