Here are some interesting facts about the health situation in UAE.

  • UAE school children are now 1.8 times more obese than children in the US (HAAD).
  • More than 66 percent of men and 60 percent of women in the UAE are overweight or obese (DHA).
  • Heart disease striking 20 years earlier in the UAE (Rashid Hospital Dubai).

It’s no secret currently the UAE ranks among the highest obesity rates in the world, for adults and children, and solutions to stop this trend are much needed. The Gladiators Challenge is focused on the sporty entertainment component, competitiveness and fun-factor rather than individual challenge. The fight happens against the arena that has the flexibility to cater for all age groups from 6 years old onwards.


The spirit of the event is to take part and enjoy fun and didactic challenges with your team or alone. Gladiators will not only compete against each other but also fight against the arena and its challenges. Everyone is a winner!

We encourage your students to jump, run, get dusty, support each other and have a good time while overcoming the obstacles. We have both standard courses and customized options too. Most importantly though, we keep it fun and save. The Gladiator Challenge works around your annual school calendar. The Team will adapt to any circumstance, from students’ skill level to dates and curriculum aiming to provide your students the most unique and exciting well-being event out there!
We will give the chance for both males and females of all levels of skills and physical capacities, particularly those who are not athletically talented, to develop their personality! We understand some students may not feel as competitive, that’s also fine. Our concept can be adapted to single fun days.



TGC provides a great opportunities for your students to gain multiple skills as well as put their fine motor activities to test. The gains are both physical and psychological which affects your students on the long-term. We call it the BIG FIVE!

Development of coordinative capacities:

+ Hand-eye coordination
+ Eye-foot coordination
+ Balance
+ Precision
+ Acrobatic skill
+ Laterality
+ Anticipatory timing
+ Spatial awareness

Development of conditional capacities:

+ Strength
+ Speed
+ Endurance
+ Flexibility

Development of individual psychological traits:

+ Confidence
+ Self-efficacy
+ Self-awareness
+ Cheerfulness
+ Adventurousness

Development of collective psychological traits:

+ Friendliness
+ Morality
+ Cooperation
+ Team work
+ Leadership

Long term development:

+ Appreciating exercise
+ Embracing outdoor activities
+ Developing healthy habits
+ Creating cohesive communities
+ Understanding the concept of Healthy-living

Quick fact: After walking on a treadmill for 20 minutes at a moderate pace, students responded to test questions (in the content areas of reading, spelling, and arithmetic) with an increased 10% accuracy, and had a more intense response within the brain, than students who had been sitting (Active Living Research, 2015).