List of Obstacles

Obstacle name
Spider’s Web
The Spider’s Web is a popular ropes course element that is constructed between portable structures. This will require some serious problem solving skills.
Car Tires
Hops Participants must run through the line of tires, keeping one foot in either row forcing them to develop their anticipatory reflexes.
The Bridge
An exciting balancing act is required to get safely to the other side of this balance beam.
Sand Bags
The sand bags will force your participants to carry heavy weight from A to B, strengthening their legs, improving athleticism and helping to boost participants speed and strength with every single step.
Crawl Under Net
Emulating a military training the crawl under net forces participants to move their bodies using the crawl position working on their core strength as well as their agility.
Big wall
There is a 1.5m and a 2m wall which will bring the best of everyone. Participants must use their agility and strength to overcome this obstacle with ease.
The Struggle Hurdle
After the participants’ energy has been exhausted, they have to overcome the hurdles as fast and accurately as possible.
Dark Tunnels
Participants must have to pull themselves along the tunnel walls to the end. This obstacle challenges the participants’ mental capacity to wiggle through uncomfortably tight spaces.
Apex Ladder
The Apex Ladder will be the most difficult for those that have a phobia of heights. It may seem easily achievable from the ground. However, once the participant starts to climb the first few steps and notices the increase in height from the ground, each subsequent step will make their legs feel wobbly.
Tug of War
Tug of war, one of the most ancient games on Earth! Line the teams up and let the craziness start as they compete to be the strongest side.
This normal Roman era weapon has now been adjusted to anyone. Employees will push their hand-eye coordination to the limits while experiencing something new!