It’s official – sociable competition out in the fresh air or indoors is a great way to inspire positive emotions while decreasing stress levels. We offer a customized year-round obstacle course both in Indoor and Outdoor an event format planned to mix risk-free challenges with pure, uncontrolled fun. Just bring your smile and energy!

Whether your event is for 10 or 2,000, we’ll take care of the whole thing. With our team of experts, we get to know you and your goals as a business. Then, collectively we choose your course and allocate our best people to ensure we surpass your expectations and make the even a memorable experience:

The Gladiator Challenge is a Dubai based initiative, specialized in team-building programs, health initiatives and unique outdoor activities for the adventurist ones.

Expert, committed people, supported by proven methods and initiatives to achieve desired outcomes.

Our corporate team building programs use obstacles as a way to coach and inspire positive leadership approaches. Our unique activities will push your team to embrace the concept of healthy living, cooperation, team work and leadership to solve the missions.

the concept

Obstacle race become more and more popular around the world since they are one of the most entertaining ways to engage in challenging races for athlete competitors but likewise for weekend worriers who are not racing against the time but rather facing the race against themselves on literally overcoming hurdles.

The Gladiator Challenges is build to be flexible and modular, so it can be setup in a short time in any place no matter if in a small hotel ball room or in a huge outdoor area.

The Gladiator Challenge is not only about the challenges, but also about the fun. ………………..

This is why the Gladiator Challenge is beyond a simple a team building session. It’s the ultimate festival of corporate team physical activity that knows no equal.